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Online Dating: Profile Headline Horrors

Bad Dates How not to build your dating profile

It only takes a second or two for a headline phrase to be read and interpreted. It’s worth taking note of what these headlines are saying about you to readers and what you can tell from the profile headlines of those you are tempted to pursue.

Here is a humorous look at 10 examples of actual online dating profile headlines, along with interpretations of what they may be communicating about their authors. Be sure to also read exactly how to build a great dating profile to reel them in.

What Not to Put as Your Dating Profile Headline

1 Looking for my soul mate = average
This is an honest statement. It’s also one of the most frequently used on online dating sites. This can be seen as safe, reliable and romantic.
However, it could also be considered unoriginal, unimaginative and boring.

2 Back again = jaded
This is another common headline, this time indicating a sorry history. It is not a good idea to be giving prospective dates the impression that you’re on some kind of online dating merry-go-round!
All this headline does is make readers wonder what’s so wrong with you that you have been chucked back into the dating pool.
If you really feel it’s necessary to announce your return after a presumably unsuccessful encounter, adding an exclamation mark makes the phrase more light-hearted and conveys a sense of happy optimism.

3 Free to good home = desperate
Putting the author on a par with a stray animal or unwanted piece of furniture, this widely used headline comes across as either a desperate plea or the height of wit, depending on the reader’s taste.
It’s probably very attractive to animal lovers in a sweet and cutesy way. Use it if you must, but consider adding a note in your profile pointing out that online dates are not just for Christmas.

4 Please = pathetic
There is only one way to take this, and it is advised that you leave it, very slowly to avoid drawing attention to how desperate you are!
This single word headline is just too pathetic for words, screaming a clingy, needy author who has very low self-esteem.
If, however, this describes you or your idea of a perfect mate to a T, go ahead. At least you’re being polite!

5 I’ll turn up = unambitious
This has to be either a promise, or a threat! Certainly it doesn’t say much about the aspirations of the author, except that there is almost certainly a history of unreliability behind this headline.

6 Looking for my Princess Fiona = realistic
Referring to the popular movie Shrek, this headline phrase indicates a person who is aware of their physical shortcomings, yet conveys this with a sense of confidence and humour.
It also immediately gives an idea of what movies the author enjoys.

7 Someone to make me smile again = appropriate
It is almost inevitable that under this headline there is a photograph of an intensely scowling person (especially if the author is a man).
This indicates that he/she has not noticed how ironic and contradictory this phrase and that photo are together. It also hints that the author could prove to be a humourless person.
It may have sounded romantic when you thought of it, but make sure you have a smiling photo to accompany this headline if you decide to use it.

8  Single fish looking for fish with fingers = obscure
What? The reference to the standard saying There are plenty of fish in the sea is obvious, but what does the headline mean? Is it meant to be sexy?
Nonsensical headlines or those that miss the humour target reveal nothing about the author. The headline could possibly refer to something in the author’s profile or the author may be an obscure kind of person.
You will never know unless you venture further into the author’s profile and have a look. Good luck with that.

9 Redneck looking for trailer trash = straightforward
This headline is honest and to the point. It describes both author and expectations. Not necessarily for everyone, but a good straightforward headline nonetheless.

10 My other body is a temple = humorous
A self-deprecating headline shows a sense of humour and a down to earth attitude. If you like the idea of a headline like this but have difficulty thinking of something suitable, search online for humorous quotes and borrow one you feel comfortable with.
A headline that appeals to your sense of fun will attract like-minded people and possibly your ideal soul mate.

Getting that Catch the Fish Headline Just Right

Whatever you choose to write for your headline, take a couple of moments to think about what you want it to achieve.

Do you want to describe yourself? Or do you want to describe what you’re looking for in a perfect partner?
Funny, serious, obscure or straightforward, a few moments thinking about it first makes all the difference.

To get started dating on SingleMe join our vibrant singles community today, just don’t include any of these headlines in your profile!

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